Alan Robertshaw Signs up to HyperLaw

We are extremely pleased to welcome on board barrister Alan Robertshaw from Coach House Chambers, as he signs up to HyperLaw to help manage his case preparation and presentation needs.

Upon selecting HyperLaw, Alan stated:

As a sole practitioner doing direct public access work in the south west, and a member of a busy London Chambers; I had quite particular demands from practice management software. I was very pleasantly surprised when HyperLaw not only fulfilled those demands; but went above and beyond.

HyperLaw is more than just a diary system, it’s a full-blown litigation application. The suite of tools within the package mean that from the very first moment of client contact, this is all I need.  HyperLaw takes care of all my file opening and compliance matters; from ID and money laundering to client care letters and GDPR.  More than that though HyperLaw helps me build the case.  All documents are digitised, I can use the search facilities to trawl through evidence, I can annotate and interlink statements to exhibits, and ultimately, I can compile CPR compliant bundles with one click.  With HyperLaw, I can even automatically create a chronology and I can also get reminders to file the material and turn up at court, which is also handy.

We are excited that Alan is joining the ever-growing HyperLaw family and we look forward to supporting him moving forward.

How do I find out more?

You can request a free online HyperLaw demonstration with a friendly member of the HyperLaw team to see how we can help you with case preparation and presentation.

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