Using HyperLaw as a barrister

Having an intelligent digital case file enables you to start reviewing the key points of a case much smarter and more efficiently, so that you can provide the best possible representation for your client.

Efficient case preparation begins as soon as a file is uploaded. Class-leading optical character recognition technology scans all uploaded content to unlock case insights and produce a fully searchable digital case file. All case content is structured, ordered and indexed – saving you time building the case file for review. Cutting-edge tag and annotations tools are specifically placed to help capture all of your arguments and opinions, whilst enterprise search functionality lets you instantly surface key events, people, documents, dates and patterns within a digital case.

Easily build, review and share your legal argument or opinion smarter, and even have the capability to present your bundle in court straight from a laptop or tablet.

This significantly reduces the time and resource needed to deliver high quality legal outcomes, alongside delivering much shorter turnaround times for your client and increased profitability.

The benefits are significant…

Higher quality at lower costs

Consistent delivery of higher quality client service at significantly lower professional time costs.

Vast resource savings

Up to 30% resource savings when running any type of case, from simple advice to court representation.

Quick case preparation

Applying class-leading optical character recognition technology to make all uploaded content fully searchable enables HyperLaw to unlock case intelligence, build case chronology and form case file structure from a range of data sources in a matter of minutes (emails and attachments, documents & PDFs).

Advanced case presentation

An intelligent case file with annotations, tags and opinions is created and can be shared with courts and peers all without the need for printing. Present from your laptop or tablet in court.

Cloud-based working

HyperLaw Barrister is cloud-based, resulting in no expensive hardware to purchase and giving you the ability to be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Greater levels of efficiency and profitability

Significantly enhanced utilisation and recovery rates, thus producing substantial improvements in both personal and chambers profitability.

A cost-effective solution

An impressive return on investment - typically, the annual subscription cost of HyperLaw Barrister is recouped within the very first case you use it on.

Continuous case tracking

Continuously track the success probability of an entire case or individual advice from start to finish.

Full case review

Provision of smart any time case review and tracking - reducing compliance, case risk and client complaints.

Rapid document assembly

Develop client advice, speeches and prosecution or defence documents.

Work remotely

Work on the case anywhere in the world, at any time - all you need is access to a web browser.

Fully editable case content

Receive instructions and case content with ease and then immediately work on the case.

Produce bundles

Quickly build a bundle that is automatically indexed, paginated, hyperlinked and bookmarked in a matter of minutes. Even include all of your opinions, annotations, tags and highlights that reflect your review of the case. Present it in court straight from your laptop or feel free to download your bundle and present in an offline capacity.

Discover the potential

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