Using HyperLaw as a solicitor

HyperLaw enables solicitors to prepare and build cases more efficiently. On board new clients quickly and note any issues or review points to advise effectively on any matter. HyperLaw is completely flexible, and should solicitors need to navigate through the litigation process, the platform fully supports this by providing access to cutting-edge tag and annotation tools, a powerful enterprise search function, document bundling and rapid document assembly. This allows solicitors to build comprehensive client advice and formulate effective client strategies.

Ensure compliance and risk reviews are adhered to and seamlessly collaborate with team members, clients, third parties or expert witnesses, and even produce instructions to counsel with the click of a button. It’s never been easier.

Greatly reduce the time and billable resource needed to deliver high-quality client advice while enhancing fee earner profitability and utilisation.

The benefits are significant….

Higher quality at lower costs

Consistent delivery of higher quality client service at significantly lower professional time costs.

Vast resource savings

Up to 30% resource savings when running any litigation case.

Cloud-based working

HyperLaw Litigation is cloud-based, resulting in no expensive hardware to purchase and giving you the ability to be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Greater levels of efficiency and profitability

Significantly enhanced professional utilisation and recovery rates, producing substantial improvements in law firm profitability.

A cost-effective solution

An impressive return on investment - typically, the annual subscription cost of HyperLaw Litigation is recovered within the very first case you use it on.

Continuous case tracking

Continuously track the success probability of an entire case or individual advice from start to finish.

Form case strategies and deliver electronic advice

Quickly build comprehensive client advice and formulate effective client strategies.

Rapid document assembly

Rapidly build instructions to counsel, advice and working papers using anything you have already tagged or annotated without any further manipulation required.

Powerful search

Utilise smart enterprise search tools to assist in discovery and disclosure processes.

Create bundles

Quickly build a bundle that is automatically indexed, paginated, hyperlinked and bookmarked in a matter of minutes. Even include all of your opinions, annotations, tags and highlights that reflect your review of the case - all without the need for separate bundle software.

Discover the potential

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On average, our customers can save up to 30% on costs by using HyperLaw. See how much you could save…
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