Using HyperLaw

The HyperLaw platform is fully customisable to each client’s needs and requirements.
Will HyperLaw work for me?

HyperLaw is tailored to every lawyer’s needs, whether you are a direct access barrister, a barrister in chambers or a solicitor in a law firm – we have a solution for you.


Upload your instructions and instantly start reviewing the case. With tools designed to quickly help you structure an accurate argument ready for court or piece of advice, you can make sure your focus is purely on delivering the right result for your client.

Increase your revenue, save time and present with confidence.

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Direct Access Barristers

On board clients quickly, effortlessly prepare your digital case file and reduce the time it takes to build the litigation, so you can devote your efforts to working on the legal outcome and effectively manage case risk from start to finish.

Save time on case preparation and clearly present evidence, arguments and key points all from one secure platform.

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Barristers' Chambers

Being cloud-based means case files are accessible anywhere, anytime for barristers and clerks. All cases are stored securely and keep chambers on track for achieving GDPR compliance. Overhead costs can be slashed to a minimum by significantly reducing printing, storage, postage and courier costs. We like to think of it as implementing a ‘paper-lite’ workplace.

Significantly reduce overheads by 30% or more and enable barristers to work anywhere, anytime in HyperLaw’s secure online environment.

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On board clients, spend less time preparing case files and build any form of litigation more efficiently. Not only can you do this, but you can also work effectively in teams or solo on a case, and share documents seamlessly with clients, counsel, third parties or expert witnesses.

Greatly reduce the time and billable resource needed to deliver high quality client advice.

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Law Firms

Gain better collaboration across teams, departments and offices and gain full visibility of tracking risk from start to finish by identifying the prospect of success for each and every case. HyperLaw streamlines workflow for law firms by replicating the old paper-based approach in a more efficient digital fashion. It reduces risk, saves time and most importantly it delivers an impressive return on investment.

Efficiency improvements of 30% or more can be obtained, alongside increased billable hours and substantially reduced overhead costs through decreasing printing, storage, postage and courier costs.

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Customer Support

Providing excellent customer support to our clients is a top priority. We ensure that your questions and issues are dealt with as quickly as possible.

Downtime is not an option to us.


For any customer support query outside of office hours 9:00am – 17:30pm Monday to Friday, please request a call back and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If it is not urgent, please email our support email address and we’ll get back to you within office hours.

On average, our customers can save up to 30% on costs by using HyperLaw. See how much you could save…
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