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What is HyperLaw and How Can I Create Bundles?

HyperLaw is an intelligent case preparation and presentation software for legal professionals, enabling you to build a fully structured digital case file with full access to cutting-edge tag and annotation tools, enterprise search, document assembly and of course our very own bundle builder.

Creating a PDF court bundle in HyperLaw is straight forward thanks to a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use drag and drop functionality for ordering all of your documents and sections. Every PDF bundle that you create is automatically indexed, paginated, bookmarked and made fully searchable in a matter of minutes.

You can upload a range of file types including PDFs, word documents, images and even emails with nested attachments to include them as part of your PDF bundle. Apply various pagination and presentation options, which include showing all of your tags, annotations and redactions on your PDF bundle, as well as being able to present an annotation index or cover page alongside your bundle.

Court bundle software made easy, take a look for yourself today!


Build any data source into one immediately available digital case file.

Import documents from virtually anywhere by simply dragging and dropping files into HyperLaw:

  • Any other external systems such as case management systems, applications and portals.
  • Emails and attachments, PDF’s, Images and Microsoft Documents.
  • Scanned documents.
  • Documents from your client or from the other side.
  • Discovery or evidence data.
  • Structured or unstructured data.
  • Do this all in minutes, not hours.


Central to HyperLaw is providing you with a digital case file which is immediately available to work on – fully editable content at your fingertips. Review your client matter in teams or solo, and you only work the content once – this produces outstanding efficiency savings.

  • Work completely paperless and from anywhere when you have internet connectivity.
  • Quickly on board new cases and clients.
  • Be up and running fast – collaborate easily anywhere in the world.
  • Utilise digital tools to highlight, redact, tag and annotate any case content.
  • Easily produce notes, link evidential facts to key issues and create review points to any case.
  • Utilise smart enterprise search tools to enable full content scanning.
  • Share seamlessly with counsel, expert witnesses, solicitors, clients or third parties.


Everything in HyperLaw has been optimised to save every last professional and administrative second. Ultra-fast document assembly and bundle creation is critical for client service. Present or securely share your digital case file with clients, colleagues or court from a laptop or tablet.

  • Build working papers ultra-quick in PowerGen.
  • Anything you would have done in HyperLaw is available to report on- without any further manipulation required.
  • Cut, copy, paste and move work content effortlessly between Microsoft Word, PDF or Plain Text.
  • Create a paginated, indexed and bookmarked bundle with content pages, indices, search capability and annotation included that reflects your review of the case. All without separate court bundle software.
  • Easily share selected items in your case file anywhere you want. Share with courts, clerks, solicitors, clients, third parties and expert witnesses, or share with systems relating to case management, document management and practice management.

Key features

Drag and Drop Ordering

Simply drag and drop documents and sections to quickly order your PDF bundle.

Indexed, Searchable and Bookmarked

Optical character recognition technology is applied to every bundle you create, making all HyperLaw PDF bundles fully searchable, indexed and bookmarked so you can easily navigate the bundle in a PDF reader.

Create Cover Pages and Templates

Easily create cover pages for your bundle and save them as templates.

Flexible and Automatic Pagination

Have complete flexibility when it comes to paginating your PDF bundle with our standard and advanced pagination options.

Custom Sections

Quickly add, move or rename sections and documents in your PDF bundle.

Easily Add Late Inserts

No need to waste time creating another bundle from scratch after receiving a batch of late documents. Instead, just quickly add and flag them as late inserts in your bundle.

Effortlessly Redact Information

Apply redactions to your PDF bundle to ensure sensitive information is removed and not disclosed.

Include Tags and Annotations

Show all of your tags and annotations on your PDF bundle that reflect your review of the case.

Password Protection

Ensure your PDF bundle is kept secure by applying password protection.
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