Barristers' Chambers

Using HyperLaw across a barristers' chambers

Using class-leading technology, each and every digital case file is created with intelligence and has built-in easy-to-use review tools designed to assist barristers in preparing and presenting a case with accuracy.

Clerks can upload case documentation with ease and barristers can utilise cutting-edge tools specifically placed to optimise case workflow. Advanced technology enables an intelligent digital case file to be built, reviewed and shared with courts or clients efficiently.

All printing, re-scanning, ordering, sectioning and couriering of case files completely stops, producing outstanding results for chambers by saving time and significantly reducing costs.

The benefits are significant…

Vastly reduce your overheads

Save on printing, postage, courier and storage costs.

Improved chambers' efficiency

Significantly enhanced barrister utilisation and recovery rates, producing substantial improvements in both barrister and chambers profitability.

Save time

Reduce all tedious administrative tasks such as printing, scanning, ordering, sectioning and couriering of case files to a minimum, just upload everything to HyperLaw for barristers to work on.

Quick case preparation

Applying class-leading optical character recognition technology to make all uploaded content fully searchable enables HyperLaw to unlock case intelligence, build case chronology and form case file structure from a range of data sources in a matter of minutes (emails and attachments, documents & PDFs).

Advanced presentation

An intelligent case file with annotations, tags and opinions is created and can be shared with courts and peers all without the need for printing. Present from your laptop or tablet in court.

Provide lower membership rates

Gain a competitive advantage by being able to provide lower membership rates at your chambers.

Reduce risk

Remove the constant worry of misplacing case files or letting it get in the hands of the wrong person by using HyperLaw from initial instruction up until case completion.

Enhanced levels of chambers' collaboration

Seamless collaboration between clerks and barristers to deliver faster turnaround times. Cases are passed from clerks to barristers for review at the click of a button without any costs or time delays.

No installation or hardware costs

No I.T infrastructure requirements or expensive hardware to purchase.

Work remotely

Your barristers can work on any case anywhere in the world, at any time - all they need is access to a web browser.


HyperLaw Barrister is cloud-based, meaning your chambers can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Discover the potential

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