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Using HyperLaw as a Law Firm

Law firms can significantly reduce their overhead costs to a minimum whilst at the same time maximising billable hours for every fee earner. The HyperLaw platform permits solicitors to gather complex and diverse data or information quickly, and then utilise cutting-edge tools to build comprehensive client advice and formulate strategies.

Make paper a thing of the past, as collaborative and paperless working is available anywhere in the world, whenever you have access to a web browser. This results in better client outcomes and experiences, at competitive costs while enhancing fee earner profitability and utilisation.

It is a must for any forward-thinking law firm.

The benefits are significant…

Higher quality and lower costs

Consistent delivery of higher quality client service at significantly lower professional time costs.

Vastly reduce your overheads

Save on printing, postage, courier and storage costs.

No installation or hardware costs

No I.T infrastructure requirements or expensive hardware to purchase.

Greater levels of efficiency and profitability

Significantly enhanced professional utilisation and recovery rates, producing substantial improvements in both fee earner and law firm profitability.

A cost-effective solution

An impressive return on investment - typically, the annual subscription cost of HyperLaw Litigation is recouped within the very first case you use it on.

Enhanced levels of collaboration within law firms

Seamless collaboration between solicitors and other legal departments which delivers faster turnaround times and reduced risk of human error.


HyperLaw Litigation is cloud-based, meaning your law firm can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Work remotely

Your solicitors can work on any case anywhere in the world, at any time - all they need is access to a web browser.

Discover the potential

Click here to view our savings calculator showing how HyperLaw can help you grow your practice profits and enhance client service.

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On average, our customers can save up to 30% on costs by using HyperLaw. See how much you could save…
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