HyperLaw with LEX Integration

Partners in productivity, delivering a paperless chambers
HyperLaw for LEX customers...

We believe in providing a better future for chambers, this means working with leading legal software suppliers to achieve the best possible outcomes for you.

HyperLaw and Bar Squared are working together in a unique collaboration inspired to help chambers deliver efficient paperless working.

Bar Squared take care of what they do best and we help barristers take care of case review and presentation.

The partnership delivers on three strategic pillars:

Great technology
Class leaders, LEX chambers management and HyperLaw intelligent case review and presentation.

Product integration
Technical integrations and collaboration to deliver paperless chambers to barrister workflows.

Commercial imagination
Flexible and competitive HyperLaw licensing that facilitates chambers transformation.


Build an intelligent case file from a range of document types, emails and images – not just PDFs.

Drag and drop files into HyperLaw or by import them directly from LEX 10.

Upload from:

  • LEX 10 or ShareFile.
  • External systems or document portals such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.
  • Emails and attachments.
  • Microsoft Documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).
  • PDFs.
  • Images.
  • Scanned documents.
  • Discovery or evidence data.
  • Documents from your client or from the other side.
  • Do all this in minutes, not hours.
  • Quickly on board new cases from LEX and automatically populate new case information.


Once uploaded, the intelligent case file is then immediately available to review – fully editable content at your fingertips. Apply easy-to-use tools to review and manipulate the digital case file.

Available to work on anywhere, anytime, on tablet or laptop:

  • Uses intelligence to generate automatic case timelines and chronologies.
  • Review tools to highlight, tag, redact, scribble, annotate and note capture.
  • Tag key issues and link them to supporting or opposing sources of evidence to build an assessment of the case.
  • Utilise smart enterprise search to immediately surface information.
  • Immediately identify key trends, documents, people, names and dates that occur without having to read the whole case.
  • Cross reference documents and build intelligent evidential links throughout documents in the case.
  • Input case events and synchronise them with your Outlook calendar.
  • Ensure full compliance and client file review – the review dashboard gives you an instant snapshot of fees and work in progress, together with costs to complete and a risk management assessment.


Present or securely share your digital case file with clients, colleagues or court from a laptop or tablet.

Easily share your court bundle or assessment of the case:

  • Create bundles that are indexed, paginated and fully searchable – all without separate bundling software.
  • Build working papers, arguments, speeches, advice and prosecution or defence documents ultra-quick in PowerGen.
  • Export selected items in your case file to share with clients, colleagues or courts.
  • Share your case all from one secure place.
  • Drag and drop your exported bundle back into to LEX to ensure document retention monitoring.
  • Present your case in court straight from a laptop – no need to worry about paper court bundles anymore.

What are the benefits?

Seamless integration with no duplication

No duplication of data – quickly retrieve case information and documents stored in LEX to efficiently build, review and share your case in court or with clients.

Quickly unlock case intelligence

Build case chronologies, summaries and identify key trends, documents, people, names and dates that occur without having to read the whole case.

Reduced print and storage costs

From initial instruction to case completion, leverage the full power of the HyperLaw and LEX integration. Intelligent case review and presentation immediately saves time and reduces ever-growing print, courier and storage costs.

Improved collaboration

The integration greatly improves collaboration between clerks and barristers. On board a case in LEX 10, assign a barrister to work on it in HyperLaw – it’s that easy and it fully supports working anywhere, anytime.

Access to cutting-edge review tools

Full access to easy-to-use review tools for building, reviewing and sharing a case - highlight, tag, redact, scribble, annotate and comment on anything in your intelligent case file.

Work anywhere, anytime

HyperLaw like LEX cloud-based, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing any IT equipment. All you need is a laptop or tablet, an internet connection and away you go.


HyperLaw utilises Microsoft Azure’s trusted cloud for all your document storage requirements. Documents sent to HyperLaw from LEX are protected and adhere to industry-leading security standards.

Easy setup

We’ll take care of setting up the integration for you, just to make life easier and stress-free.
On average, our customers can save up to 30% on costs by using HyperLaw. See how much you could save…
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