Keidan Harrison - "Why We Chose HyperLaw"

Keidan Harrison, formed in May 2020 is a high profile boutique Law Firm based in the City. The Firm specialises in disputes and insolvency work and is headed by two partners supported by three Associates with additional growth planned in the near future.

As one of the most progressive legal practices in the sector, they have systematically sought out leading edge Information Technology solutions that are capable of supporting their top tier service delivery and their passion for technology fueled competitive advantage. They are relentless in their pursuit of excellence and their journey to find the best has brought them to HyperLaw.

It is always pleasing to hear from customers directly as to why they select certain solutions, and Technology partners as part of their strategy for growth – real world insights are invaluable in the fast paced world of LegalTech.

Please see the attached case study, which will help you to understand how and why Luke Harrison chose HyperLaw as a foundational Technology asset for their Firm.

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