Ten reasons to re-visit HyperLaw

If it’s a while since you last had a look at HyperLaw,  you might be interested to read about the top 10 changes we’ve made in the last year, to make it even easier for you to build case files, review evidence and develop legal arguments in a more efficient way, saving you time and money.

Now you can:

  1. Easily re-order pages within any document or even hide pages without the need for separate software – click here to see a quick video on how this works.
  2. Create bulk redactions easily, searching your entire case file in one easy to use search tool.
  3. Link any document to single or multiple documents in the pages view to aid quick navigation, as well as automatically  linking emails with attachments. You can also update or unlink from the bundle builder as well as the documentation view.
  4. Send a single use bundle link which expires after one use for additional security.
  5. Automatically highlight bulk incidences of key phrases or words using the “find text” function.
  6. Use the settings you have applied to a bundle to create default settings for all future bundles, saving you even more time.
  7. View attachments nested under the email they originally came from in the documentation view so you have a clearer overview of your case information.
  8. Upload from external sources including Microsoft One Drive, Sharepoint, Teams, Google Drive, or DropBox for ease and convenience.
  9. Add a wide variety of media files into HyperLaw including video and audio files. These can be timestamped, tagged and classified and included in bundles.
  10. Download a stand-alone bundle index in word or PDF, compress the size of your bundles and mark bundles as private, so only you can view or edit that bundle.

These are just some of the additions to the core functions of HyperLaw we’ve always promised our users, which allow you to:

  • Work remotely on your case files, wherever you have internet access
  • Create a digital case file, including virtually any file format, without the need to convert documents to PDF, including emails
  • See a summary of your case documents at a glance from a single dashboard
  • Benefit from an automated chronology giving you a full case timeline
  • Identify key causes of action and effortlessly link supporting or opposing information and evidence
  • Digitally review and annotate, highlight, tag and redact your documents using sophisticated tools, without the need to work in unwieldy PDF documents or resorting to printing and and manually highlighting
  • Efficiently develop your legal argument and build an intelligent case file
  • Work collaboratively and seamlessly with team members, clients, counsel, third parties and expert witnesses
  • Create a court compliant bundle that is indexed, paginated and fully searchable, without the need for a separate PDF editor or bundling software

We’re constantly talking to our customers to find out how we could make their lives even easier, and will be rolling out lots of exciting new features in the months to come. We’ve also made some handy videos showcasing some more of our latest enhancements and how to use them which you can view here.

If you’re not already using HyperLaw, you should probably book a free demo to find out how it could help you save time and money, every day. Click here to request a demo now.

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